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"Politicians Are Not Leaders" (by Joe DiMino)

Politicians are not leaders—
More like bottom feeders;
Yet we vote them to the surface
When best left in the muck
With the rest of the feces—

The sun shines for all
Yet some feel entitled to absorb
More light than others:
For a larger than fair-day share
Such slime would eventually tax
Their own fathers and mothers
(Wavers for comrades)
Into shades of poverty (class warfare)
(The Fairness Doctrine really a contrived
Bareness Doctrine to insure
There will be ample basic workers)—
Politicians are not leaders
Though an image of sky
Remain bottom feeders—

Politicians fly high
With peacock feathers they soar
(Appearing great birds
To the hopeful eye
Desiring also to be lifted;
Enterprising people wanting
Often just a bit more)—
But politicians really only
Elevate themselves—
Promising sacrifice now will lead to
Better times ahead,
While on silk sheets
Enjoying Tom Collins with the best gin
Claiming to share the pain and suffering
Of those less fortunate
In reality shoving humanity further out
For themselves to control more of the fruitful in;
Their oaths mere words
Their vision for the nation
Leading to rationing turds—
Politicians can never be leaders
Where their hearts
Forever bottom feeders….

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