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"Self Divining" (by Joe DiMino)

Tonight phrases
Refuse to flow—
And look out at me
In defiance
(Perhaps contempt);
I have these, on occasion—
My streams back
Through woods-of-thoughts
To Literary-beaver-dens,
For survey
Of obstruction…

Compelling me
To bravely cleave a stone
If to gush forth new;
Or dynamite a mind fresh
For prompting;

Journey my deserts
In search of springs
For pilgrim
Written settlements—

Pick for inspiration
As a vulture
On a carcass of me…

Search the hard, dry earth
Of me
For moisture of words,
Parched for a poem,
A story—
Or justification;
Sadly at times
My only truth
Author’s bible—
Not revealed
In a tomb
By self

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