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"Somewhere, Sometime, Someplace" (by Joe DiMino)

I know we will meet again—
Our loving having always
Transcended the flesh
Through pure delight
For spirit far higher;

Surely we will meet again—

Time and Place with always
To their credit
Surely having at least a small
Place sometime somewhere
For you and I again
Never having asked much more
Than space enough together—

And to say that we were parted cruelly
Is to say we were not blessed
With all extraordinary—
Given all of the coin
Both sides,
Life standing on edge for the moment—
But a balance
In infinity—

I still hear your whisper
Across the worlds;

Feel the draw of your breath;

To the sound of your heart
I am all attuned—
Not Choirs of heaven
Nor gnashing of teeth in hell
Will keep me from finding you
In forever
Till then somewhere

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