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"The Drowning of Love" by Joe DiMino

I sit on a perch
Of rock immovable;

A wingless bird
On an ocean-breaker—

Sea-washed, looking out…

A constant flutter
Without a lift
Toward the horizon

A distant mast
Between the fore
And aft of me—
Where I am
And where I long 
To sail, just once
Above the waves

Of course, one could say
As the usual ship
“Take the plunge!”—

An absence of wings
No excuse;

For clouds are flying
Having made with the air
A way—
And thus, with the sea
If not a compromise
To keep you dry,
Stay on the surface
With the sky
Close to the sun
Never sunk
Or extinguished
In his sentence

The sea, indeed,
A prison of sorts

Whether above or within;
On deeper inspection
Both the jailer
And inmate captors
For neither can leave 
The reflection entirely
One in body periodic
The other in mind
No absolution

That which we refuse
To free
Whatever the lesser evil
We own to the soul
And there is the rub
If no escape
The eventual drowning
Of even love

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