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"The I" by Joe DiMino

I opened my eyes
(My first--the glare a bit startling)
Yet dazzled, though,
By the brilliance of
Seeming miraculous a being
I soon learned
Of sad commonality

In nothing are we
Entirely apart
From one another-

And then disappointed
Having hoped I was more,
Sensing to the core
A great spirit wanting-
Freedom! Independence the song!
As particles attract by law
(Whose, certainly not mine?)
I traveled the awake-chains-of-archives
Into the dreams-hidden
A long evolution of seeking
To at length ask: why?
For my
Persistent feeling…

Reconciled already, the I
Of me as no autonomous who…

And having changed
Our world in major ways
Closer the end than the far
I say, honestly, now:
Everything is naught
If any the world
And not all of our souls
The value…