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"The Process" (by Joe DiMino)

I will write! Write! Write!
Trim! Trim! Trim!--
Words discarded with
Heads chopped off, tongues cut out,
Left draining on the floor--
My madman possessed of creation.
Get as much down
Quickly as possible.
Let the juices gush
And roar!--
Take another cleaver to them-
Dice--slice to bits,
Keeping only the best morsels--
The tastiest--ones that fit in the mouth
Just right--tantalize--tickle the palate;
Came from the brain, destined for heart--
Heart locking arms with spirit--
Words remaining precise in light
Of scrutiny--transcending paper,
Dancing a lively jig over the polished surface
Of my soul--
Leaving bright stamps-of-prints,
Golden impressions of
Divine passage.

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