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"There Are Angels" (by Joe DiMino)

There are angels
Around us all—
Some with very great wings:
I once saw a span
From Heaven to earth,
Tip to tip—
But I’ve seen many
Not nearly as tall,
Having no wings to fall;
Pedestrians—who never fly;
Their only vocation
Alert for each sigh;
Holding us in prayer,
Cradling us through the night;
Rising us, steering us
Toward healing light—

As a mother holds
Her infant charge;
Thanking God,
For honor so large,

Given unto her care,
This little blessing—
Choosing her from the many
Out there;

Thinking her,
Knowing her the nurturing best—
From the multitudes
Of loving couples
Awaiting to be blest—

Knowing the treasure
Of arms around them—
Great beings embracing God’s cause,
Seeking only His applause—

Revealing all
So pure above
Is duplicated near
In angel love—

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