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"There Was A Time" (by Joe DiMino)

There was a time
Age seemed no barrier
When it came to dreaming;
In fact,
Rather fashionable it was
To allow the mind to wander….

Not wander
Without sense of direction-
The compass of logic
Magnetically challenged,
The vessel of feelings
Adrift and uncharted-
But to dream
With fantastic purpose….

Escape? Yes!
Why not escape?
Does one always need
Something to run from
For reason to escape?
Surely escape in itself
Can be the caught
Of new direction!-
Vision stopped
And analyzed,
Bent and reflected
Through the prism
Of mind,
Then sent to the soul
For spirited release-

Yes!-to dream effectively
Is to love passionately,
Compelling one to live
While drawing one
Peacefully on to death….

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