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"There Were Never Pearls" (by Joe DiMino)

Topic again, you, Life
Your currents of
Decisions, tides
No day
Your Sun’s glaring
Off the surface
For the blind
Must focus

Waiting and leaving

And there are no
Stationary ports

Only shorelines
For dividing
And sending

Our vessels

And our journeys

Captains and crews
Legions of one
At once
Can be
The many

Those individual
And shared
Making us wise
Of the sea
Or scum on
The pond
It is whether sailing
Or skimming
Or pausing
Wow to those

Tempt me
Into gray waters
Not that
You need
More daring

The blue
Take my senses

And the green
Deceptive shoots
There are no
Permanent roots here
No floating fruit
Only deeper saturation

It is here
At the wet borders
Where time means nothing
Length and width
Eternally stretch
While infinitesimally
Contract to a single soul
Uniting us
In a common bog
There were never pearls
To be tossed
Always entire oysters
The self
Of a new shell

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