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"You See" (by Joe DiMino)

You see—this little cloud
Kept following me about;
Not so bad as clouds go—
Pink around the edges
With a tinge of gold;
The shadow I was under
Not quite so cold,
As far darker shadows told—

Not at all a rain,

Definitely not a storm—

Still I tied to run from beneath it…

But it was swift,
With greater breath than I—

Though up there the air lean
The sun seeming supportive
Behind it;

And at the day’s end
The moon likewise
Kept it in light…

I cursed it
For the longest time;

Declaring I would not melt
If only it would stray;

Swearing I would not welt
left out in a sunny day…

But it was persistent,
As I was resistant—

I shouted obscenities—
A dictionary full…

Ordered off my case
And out to space—

But nothing worked
Till in flight
A passing dove whispered:
This cloud
Only responds to love….

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